Weland Vertical Storage Lifts


We provide complete service for Weland Vertical Storage Lifts. Our service technicians have years of experience in repairing, maintenance and installation of Weland machinery.

At the same time, thanks to regular training, our knowledge is constantly expanded and completed.
We work very closely with the manufacturer, therefore, we are able to quickly solve any problem within the Weland Vertical Lifts.

We are able to offer our Customers the service response time of a few hours from a failure report.
It is also possible to remotely diagnose and configure Weland Vertical Lifts after obtaining a user consent and providing our service team with internet access.

Offer scope

  • Remote and telephone support in solving the basic problems
  • Diagnostics, warranty and post-warranty repairs
  • Periodic inspection and maintenance
  • Modification and modernization of devices
  • Expansion and relocation of Vertical Lifts
  • Software updates
  • Service contracts according to the user’s needs


We conduct user training for Weland Vertical Lifts within the range matching the level of qualifications (for operators and administrators). The main issues discussed during the training include:

  • Starting and stopping the Vertical Lift
  • Rules for safe operation of the lift Vertical Lift
  • Security systems in the lift Vertical Lift
  • Operating modes, ordering racks from an operator menu, working in a remote mode when connected to the WMS system
  • Control of goods weight and height on the Vertical Lift
  • Vertical Lift control in a manual mode
  • Basics of configuring the Vertical Lift
  • Simple troubleshooting
  • Export of device log records