Our competencies

At present, internal logistics in an innovative company ceases to be seen only as the necessary cost of doing business but it gains a new role of an important tool to achieve a competitive advantage.
We treat internal logistics systems as a chain of interconnected elements within which we focused and systematically develop our competencies.

Knowledge of material handlig technologies

We are professionals. Theoretical knowledge combined with years of experience in designing and providing solutions to internal logistics allows us to effectively find solutions at any stage of the internal logistics design – from the analysis, through the development of an initial concept, consulting, detailed solution, to the implementation and servicing. We avoid template solutions and for each new project we try to find an answer to the question: Which of our solutions will bring us closer to eliminating specific problems?

Knowledge of IT in the area of storage and production

Most of the solutions offered by us require the integration with IT systems. We have many years of experience in this field gained due to the participation in numerous projects to implement warehouse management systems (WMS). We understand how the WMS systems work and what requirements, limitations and benefits connected with their implementation are. In addition to support in the integration of automated storage systems provided by us with customers’ IT systems, for many years we have also been specializing in providing, configuring and operating IT infrastructure, wireless and industrial networks of IT and AutoID equipment, which support the warehouse management, material flow and the tooling.

Introducing innovations and new solutions
We constantly look for new solutions that would contribute to the further improvement of our Customers’ logistics processes. We follow the development of storage technologies and we analyse how it would work out in specific cases that we have come into contact with. We promote the most interesting and most innovative solutions and we convince our Customers to use them. We always try to clearly explain benefits of certain innovations introduction.

Efficient projects management

We respect our Customers’ time and we realize that the implementation of new solutions in internal logistics is commonly associated with considerable difficulties of the normal functioning. We try to minimize these inconveniences by flexible adaptation to customer’s requirements and the fastest possible execution of installation or implementation work. Safety and compliance with the rules is priority for us. All our employees have the necessary knowledge, qualifications and tests to perform specific tasks. We have completed hundreds of projects in Poland and abroad in different industries, so that our employees are versatile and work effectively in all conditions.

Customer service

We provide comprehensive service support of the solutions provided by us. We perform periodic maintenance inspections, quickly remove all the failures and provide service support including the assistance on the spot or by telephone. Our Customers can always count on us, when they plan to increase or modify the storage system. If necessary, we also offer additional training for users, administrators or maintenance engineers.